Cone Grinding of the Drill Spindle
and the Adapter Sleave of the Machine

Within the scope of our boring mill service we repair drill spindles. This is accomplished by boring and grinding of the drill spindle. A cone linkage (hardness: 64 HrC) is shrunk and also ground.

SK 40 and SK 50 - horizontal und vertical.
Rotation at 300 mm, test bar 0.010 mm. The amount of work: 2-3 days


In addition to face-plate repairing and geometry modification of angle milling heads we offer also fault clearance with the Heidenhain diagnose set.


We will be glad to retrofit your older machines with actual value systems and check the tool fitting strength of the drill spindle, which we will repair and recalibrate if necessary.

Short-term refurbishing of telescopic coping

The regrinding of hardened bed guideways is done locally in your production building with our special mobile grinding station. The ground alignment can then be documented using laser measurement.


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