Laser Measurement with
Renishaw Laser ML 10

with calibration certificate

Linear Distance Measurement

Using our laser-interferometer-system we measure the positioning accuracy and the iteration accuracy by comparing the position value displayed by your machine with the actual position. We offer a computer-aided statistical analysis of these values, if requested.

On the picture for example, you can see a position measurement along the x-axis of a milling machine.


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Angle Measurement up to 40 mm

This procedure acquires the angle discrepancy between two nominal orthogonal axes by comparing two straightness measurements. Rectangularity errors have direct influence on the positioning accuracy of a machine.

On the picture: Measurement of the rectangularity between the x-axis and z-axis at a processing center.


Straightness Measurements and Parallelism Measurements up to 20 mm

To acquire the horizontal and vertical straightness of the guide conduct of a machine, the straightness measurement method is used. The positioning accuracy as well as the accuracy of path are depending on these values.

On the picture: Straightness measurement at a processing center with moving board.

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