Mashine Measurement with Renishaw QC 10

Inspection of the axes during the circulation process of the machine

The measurement system is concurrently checked for linearity.

This offers the following advantages for you as machine-tool manufacturer:

  • Improvement of the accuracy of a machine
  • Identification of the influence of new design features on the accuracy of a machine
  • Reduced measurement periods
  • Demonstration of performance data
  • Professional machine service


... and for you as machine-tool operator:

  • Enhancement of workpiece accuracy
  • Cutback of downtimes
  • Enhancement of the competitive position
  • ISO 9000
  • Pinpointing of machine capabilities
  • Productivity enhancement of the machines
  • Accuracy check of new machines


We additionally offer geometrical adjustment of boring mills, a systematic survey (even on weekends) as well as relocation of whole machines including initial operation ...

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... but also reconditioning of Workbenches, automatic tooling systems, headstock systems and automatic plate loading systems up to geometric scraping are made to high-precision jobs by Heimann's machine measurement.

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